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Landmark Investigative Services specializes in financial fraud and due diligence investigations. The principals of Landmark Investigative Services, William Belke and Alejandro Garcia are Certified Fraud Examiners with over 50 years of combined financial investigative experience as Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We provide the following investigative services:


Corporate Fraud

The globalization of trade and the increasing role of technology have subjected U.S. businesses to an alarming level of fraud and misconduct. As incidents of fraud became more frequent and complex they also become more difficult to detect. Many businesses are victimized by unscrupulous employees who intentionally participate in the misapplication of company assets. This type of deceptive practice is also known as occupational fraud and costs U.S. businesses more than $600 billion annually. The most common types of occupational fraud and abuse involve the misappropriation of company assets, the illegal conduct of corrupt employees, and the production of fraudulent financial statements.

Landmark forensic professionals can provide a variety of investigate services to help companies uncover fraud and recover misappropriated assets. These services focus on the investigation of fraud and misconduct by employees, management or third parties and may include the following:

· Embezzlements
· Conflicts of Interest
· Illegal Gratuity
· Bribery/Corruption
· Corporate/Employee Misconduct

A company that is a victim of fraud and misconduct must often move quickly and decisively in order to minimize damage to its reputation and finances. If you suspect fraud or misconduct, call Landmark to discuss how our investigative services can assist you.


Investment Fraud   [Back to Top]

Investment fraud includes many types of fraud ranging from securities fraud to scam artists victimizing individuals. These schemes include fraudulent investment opportunities that mimic legitimate investment offerings, prime bank fraud also known as high yield investment fraud, fraudulent telemarketers, commodities fraud and unlawful pyramid schemes also known as Ponzi schemes.

Landmark investigations will focus on the fraudulent statements that intentionally misled investors. Landmark will also attempt to identify and trace the proceeds of the fraud as well as facilitate the recovery of investment funds through civil litigation or dissemination to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

If you believe that you are a victim of an investment fraud contact Landmark to discuss the appropriate course of action.


Business Due Diligence   [Back to Top]

Landmark believes that in any significant commercial transaction such as a business merger, an acquisition or a venture capital investment, the due diligence investigation should go beyond the complex financial analysis of the prospective business. The financial analysis alone does not provide a complete and accurate depiction of a business entity nor does it confirm the integrity of its key executives.

Landmark due diligence investigations are designed to verify material information and provide and in depth credibility assessment of an individual or an organization. We utilize various investigative techniques which include field interviews and confirmations, onsite reviews and the use of various databases and online resources to divulge irregularities and or derogatory information.

Landmark can conduct qualitative due diligence investigations to assist in the evaluation of the following.

· Broker-Dealers
· Hedge Fund Managers
· Capital Partners and Joint Ventures
· Vendor Selection
· Client Acceptance
· Executive Selections and Board Member Opportunities

Landmark also conducts due diligence investigations as part of an overall Anti-Money Laundering Program.  Landmark can assist with the review of Customer Identification Program/Know Your Customer (KyC) requirements and perform Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) analysis on high risk accounts associated with international venues.  The EDD analysis will include the review of online resources to determine if the account holder is a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) or if there are derogatory references relating to money laundering, terrorism, fraud or other criminal activities.  In furtherance of the EDD investigation, Landmark can also conduct discrete inquiries in most international venues through a well established network of professional associates.

Call Landmark today for information on how we can protect your business and finances with a well balanced due diligence investigation.


Asset Searches   [Back to Top]

A Landmark asset search investigation can be utilized to quickly and discreetly locate and recover assets. An asset search investigation will identify the assets of individuals or corporations worldwide including land, vehicles, airplanes, boats, corporate and partnership interests, and investments.

Asset search investigations can be conducted in support of the following:

· Pre-litigation assessments
· Litigation preparation
· Internal corporate investigations
· Investment fraud investigations


Litigation Support   [Back to Top]

Any company that is the subject of a civil litigation is vulnerable to unfavorable judgments or settlements. Such outcomes may threaten the assets and the operations of the company and could diminish the value of the business entity.

Landmark investigators work closely with legal counsel to carefully plan investigations and develop information and evidence that will facilitate the successful execution of legal strategies in any civil litigation. We offer the following litigation support services:

· Interviews
· Identifying and locating Witnesses
· Assessing Witnesses
· Collection of Evidence
· Asset Searches